How to Celebrate Your Nanny During National Nanny Recognition Week

Did you know that it is officially National Nanny Recognition Week, September 21-27 2014? The last week in September is a week to celebrate your nanny and all the hard work, love, care + compassion she provides for your family. While you might feel stumped as to how you can actually utilize this week as a celebration, just remember that there is no wrong way of doing so! Any form of recognition is an extremely thoughtful gesture that will go a long way. This is a special week set aside to acknowledge and appreciate what your nanny does around your home. Taking care of your children is such an extraordinary job, it would mean the world to her to show how much you care! Now is your chance.

Give A Gift

Is there something your nanny is very passionate about that she doesn’t have a lot of time to partake in? Tickets to the movies, a comedy show, or even a class or gym membership are extremely thoughtful. These sorts of gifts acknowledge her true passions and will allow her to feel celebrated in regards to her other hobbies, besides being around your kids of course! Or perhaps you could give the gift of a paid day off. That would be a real treat for her and would go a long way. Nannies do like a little extra spending money, so you could also give her a nice card with words of appreciation as well as a check so she can use it on what she wants! Nannies also love gas cards or gift cards to a popular grocery store – always useful! Steer clear of exorbitant gifts such as scarves or bags that may be more specific to style and taste. Nannies are SO grateful for these sorts of gifts, however sometimes prefer to pick their own out or use the cash for other things.

Utilize the Element of Surprise

Having the kids create something for your nanny is a thoughtful and creative way to go. Have your kids ever witnessed a surprise party before? The looks on their faces will likely be priceless. Help them bake or purchase your nanny’s favorite cupcakes. Or have them create a collage, picture, or card for your nanny listing three of their favorite things about him or her. Even something as simple as having your kids draw on the card and putting a gift card inside will be wonderful.

Provide a Professional Resource

There are many internationally
and nationally recognized nanny and childcare conferences, expos and organizations around the United States, and surely your nanny would benefit from attending. For instance membership to the International Nanny Association costs just $35, which will give her access to unlimited resources and support through a professional organization. Consider purchasing a ticket to an event in your city where your nanny can meet other like-minded nannies and learn more about herself and her line of work along the way.

How are you celebrating your nanny this year for National Nanny Recognition Week? Acknowledging the week itself is going to go a long way. Most families and even many nannies don’t realize that this week exists, so showing your nanny that you care will surely bring a smile to her face. Happy celebrating! Share your celebrations with us online using the hashtag #NNRW

We want to know! How are you going to celebrate your nanny this week? What ideas do you have in regards to making her feel special? Tell us your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor – we’ll be sure to re-post our favorites!