Nannies: If You Read Anything Today Make This It! A Letter from The Nanny Doctor

Dear Nanny,

You are so important in the lives of the children you touch on a daily basis.  Your job has meaning and purpose. Remember that!  It also comes with great responsibility.

The energy you bring into work matters.  When you bring the sunshine it pours into the lives of the family and children that you nanny for.  When you bring your grumpiness, tiredness, negative attitude, or your horrible weekend, it also pours into the lives of the children and family that you work for.  So bring the sunshine today!

You are a role model.  As a nanny, you are automatically given role model status.  Children are watching what you do.  They are listening to what you say and how you say it.  You have an incredible ability to impact a child’s life on a daily basis.  Be stellar!

You are a professional.  Take your job seriously.  As a nanny you have a responsibility to read about child development and stay updated on what’s  age-appropriate for the children you nanny for as well as providing parents with information about age-appropriate activities.  Continue to take classes or subscribe to a parenting magazine or simply read books about the age group of children you are caring for.  Stay up to date!

As a nanny you have the honor of being present for children’s day-to-day growth.  You are there during super special life moments.  Everything from first steps and first words to learning to tie shoes!  You are also there for intimate emotional moments such as family challenges.  These moments within a family and in a child’s life are sacred.  Be mindful and mentally present when these moments arise.  They are special and you are in a unique position to be present for these moments.  Children can sense how you feel about these moments.  Honor and respect them!

I know that the families you work for don’t always realize all that you do for their children and families on a daily basis and sometimes you may feel under appreciated.  Make sure you don’t let this affect your job performance.  As a professional, you have a responsibility to behave in a professional manner.  Now, if you are finding that you are in an unhealthy relationship with a family, you may need to consider leaving that family.  Regardless, do it in a professionally responsible manner!

Lastly, be the kind of nanny you would want your children to have as a nanny.  Keep in mind on a daily basis the power you have to impact the lives of your charges.  It is limitless!


The Nanny Doctor