Going Back To Work After Having A Baby – The Nanny Situation

So, you are going back to work after having a baby, and the daunting task of finding the right nanny continues to loom overhead. There is so much to think about: How will you go about finding a trustworthy person to care for your new bundle of joy? Now that you have met your little one, how will you be able to separate from him or her when you are a new mother going back to work?

Don’t worry, all of these fears and concerns are completely natural and normal. Here are a few suggestions to help make the transition for going back to work after having a baby a little easier.

First, the simple act of starting your nanny search will help you to begin to feel better. Going about finding a new nanny in an organized manner is key. You will begin to see that there are people out there who are very qualified to take care of your child. The important piece here is that you take the right steps to ensure you are making the right choice about hiring a nanny.  Here are some quick tips:

  • Before you begin your nanny search, make sure you identify your needs so you know what you are looking for! Ask yourself questions like, “Should I hire a full time nanny or a part time nanny?”  “Do I want my nanny to be active?”  Consider your lifestyle and make sure all of your needs are met when hiring the best nanny for your family.
  • Whether you are using a nanny agency or doing the nanny search on your own, make sure you have multiple levels of safety screenings. E-mail screening, phone interview, in-person interview, reference checking, background check, and finally an in-home trial work day. You want to make sure you cover all bases when searching for the perfect nanny!
  • When meeting nanny candidates, ask the right questions every step of the way! Do your research ahead of time and create a list of questions.

Going back to work after having a baby can be a very emotional experience.  In order to address your feelings related to separating from your baby, it may be helpful to talk to someone who understands.  Reach out to friends who have gone through this before.  If you are really struggling with the change of going back to your job after having a baby, you may consider a slower transition back to work.  This may come in the form of working part-time to start with the goal of transitioning to full-time, or it may be helpful to hire your nanny prior to going back to work so that you can begin to feel more comfortable with the transition. You may also try to:

  • Have your nanny keep a baby log where she can record important things like feedings and naps, but also smiles and coos and descriptions of play and activities for the day.
  • Get a baby monitor that connects to your smart phone or desktop at work to stay connected to the goings on of the day.
  • Have your nanny text you updates and send photos.
  • If you are worried about what is going on when you are at work, drop in unexpectedly in the beginning or have a neighbor drop in to ease your fears.
  • Have a regular schedule. This will not only benefit your child, but it will allow you to know what to expect of your nanny every day and in turn will help her to know how to do her job in the very best way!

Developing trust with your nanny is a process, especially during the transition of going back to work after having a baby. Initially, it may be very difficult to imagine anyone but yourself taking care of your little bundle of joy, but you will soon adjust to the idea of having a great nanny to help while you’re at work. Your child needs to learn separation and, in turn, as a mother, you need to be able to be independent at times from your child – not only to go to work to provide for your family, but to replenish your energy so that when you are with your child, you can be the very best mommy!