5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Nannies

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we have officially entered the holiday season. For many, it is an exciting time of decorating, baking, drinking gingerbread lattes, and shopping. While our holiday shopping lists seem to grow each year, and we are bombarded with all kinds of different gift ideas from every retailer imaginable, there are certain people in our lives that deserve special attention.

My families often ask me about the holidays and appropriate gift-giving when it comes to their nannies. There are a few schools of thought here, so it’s important to tackle each one as we consider different holiday gift ideas for nannies.

1. Cold Hard Cash

While cash is always a welcomed gift, the end-of-year holiday bonus should technically be considered part of your nanny’s salary. If you are already planning to give your nanny an end-of-year bonus and want to add a little frosting on the cake, then consider a gift card for something you know she will appreciate, like her favorite clothes outlet or shoe store, a massage or a spa day, a year’s subscription to Netflix, or gift card to her favorite coffee spot.

2. Something Warm & Cozy

For most of the country, December is a frosty month. Even here in Southern California, the days might be temperate but the nights can get chilly. Your nanny spends a lot of her day outside with your children doing all kinds of different activities during the holiday season. She will appreciate something to keep her warm during these cold months. A nice scarf, some warm slippers, a set of flannel pajamas, or a toasty beanie would be a thoughtful and practical gesture.

3. Something Electronic & Gadgety

Technology is steaming forward at a lightning pace. Chances are there are things out there that your nanny may want but doesn’t necessarily need and may not be able to afford on a fixed budget. If she is into fitness, consider a Fitbit, a heart rate monitor, or some passes to her favorite spinning class or yoga studio. If she loves her smartphone, find a cute phone case or car mount that matches her personality. A new pair of earbuds or headphones could go a long way as well.

4. A Day Off

Nothing is less replaceable than time. And for a nanny, time off is gold, especially if they are a student, an intern, or have a second job. Consider surprising your nanny with a paid day off. She will definitely appreciate such a thoughtful and unexpected gift. But be sure to give her a few days’ notice, so she can make plans for herself.

5. A Gift From The Heart

Your budget may be tight, but you want to go out of your way to show your nanny how much she means to you. Gather your family together and create something to show your appreciation. It could be homemade cookies or brownies from the entire clan, or a handmade card in which every family member contributes. Going out of your way to spend your time and energy into a gift for your nanny will mean a lot.

Got any thoughts of your own about great gifts for nannies? We’d love to hear them!

And for you nannies, if your family gave you a memorable gift in the past, please let us know what it was and why it was so special!