Does the thought of beginning a search for the right nanny seem a little daunting to you? Do you currently have a nanny that doesn’t seem to be a perfect fit, but that you think has room for improvement? Has something come up that you have no idea how to handle? The Nanny Doctor is here to help! For years, Lindsay Heller has provided guidance and support to families all over the world in regards to their relationship with their nanny. As a former nanny of 10 years, licensed clinical psychologist and now a mother that employs a nanny, Lindsay knows the ins and outs of the nanny world like no other. There isn’t anything she hasn’t seen!

Through her unique services, Lindsay provides families with step by step guidance through the entire nanny hiring process. From the initial consultation, through navigating the intense search, and finally to hiring, Lindsay stands firmly beside her clients to offer invaluable expertise. She also offers an extremely valuable service in that she helps families who already have nannies solve issues and concerns that may be causing tension in the home. As an outside objective third party, Lindsay is able to assess the situation from all angles and provide a specific solution to the needs of the families seeking her help. While The Nanny Doctor is not a nanny agency, she collaborates with agencies all over the world.


Work With Lindsay

Lindsay is based in Beverly Hills, California but her services are available worldwide. She works with families in her Beverly Hills office, in private homes, board rooms, on the set, or over the phone/Skype. To set up a consult call 310.384.9300 or e-mail [email protected].