The Doctors

Apr 11, 2013

The Nanny Doctor, Lindsay Heller, joins The Doctors to discuss how to bring someone into your home that you trust, and how to create healthy boundaries with your nanny.

The Lorraine Kelly Show

Mar 25, 2013

Lindsay Heller, The Nanny Doctor, professional nanny consultant speaks on important tips for employing a nanny. Also, one of her Beverly Hills mom clients chimes in on her experience with The Nanny Doctor.

Home & Family

Apr 28, 2013

Along with her booming Nanny Consultant business, Lindsay is also a licensed clinical psychologist. Here, she consults with two mothers experiencing “Empty Nest Syndrome”.

Parents Magazine

Apr 11, 2008

Choosing who will care for your child is a very important decision.The Nanny Doctor tells Parents TV’s Juli Auclair the steps you should take when hiring a nanny.

Fox & Friends

Feb 17, 2014

Fox and Friends brought us an alarming story this morning out of Indianapolis, where four children were hospitalized with suspected drug overdoses after attending an unlicensed daycare facility.

January 2008

MyFox Phoenix

August 2008


Smoothing the Frictions Between Parent and Nanny

Feb 25, 2013

Dr. Heller, or the Nanny Doctor, as she calls herself (she has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology), is a consultant for an age of anxious parenting, acting as a mediator of sorts for parent and caretaker

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Easing the Transition From One Nanny to the Next

Aug 9, 2014

Like many people who employ nannies, she said other transitions have been rough. Some were because her children were really attached to a

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The new nanny: Families looking for special skills in caregivers

Oct 28, 2015

With both parents working outside the home in approximately 59 percent of households in America, nannies have become a more popular childcare choice for many families.

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Nannies take on extra duties as households economize

Mar 21, 2009

During these tough economic times, a nanny may agree to take on household chores to keep her job, but there are risks to asking for too much, says Lindsay Heller, a psychologist who consults on family and nanny issues and who runs the Nanny Doctor, a service aimed at improving relationships between the two parties.

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