How to Celebrate 4th of July With Your Nanny

Can you believe it’s already July? How exciting that the 4th of July is THIS FRIDAY! While this may sound silly, I’m a big believer that indulging in holidays is crucial to your well-being. It’s so easy just to let holidays pass you by without taking the time to acknowledge what they represent or the symbolism behind them. So this Independence Day, I challenge you to embrace the holiday and have fun while doing so! Ask for your nanny’s support in creating a fun, family-friendly patriotic celebration within your home throughout the week!

Patriotic Crafts

Have your nanny set up a fun Fourth of July craft for your kids. Or even for your whole family! There’s no better way to acknowledge a holiday like having a tangible, fun craft to show off! Here are a few ideas I’ve personally used with my family. Another option is asking your nanny to do research and presenting her favorites to the kids and having them choose!

Colorful Mason Jars

Patriotic Pockets

July 4th Favors

 Organize a BBQ…Finally!

Have you been thinking about planning a summer BBQ but haven’t found the right time to do so? Are there neighbors, family members, or friends you haven’t seen in a while? Then hey, why not put together a last-minute Fourth of July shindig. And remember…a party doesn’t necessarily have to be fancy to be successful. Set aside 4-5 hours where people can come by. Make a list of people that you’d like to come and ask your nanny to call those people. Or better yet, have her set up an online invitation system through Eventbrite or Paperless Post. Both are free, reputable, and work great!

Incorporate Family-Time

Whether your nanny is celebrating this holiday with your family or not, there are ways you can incorporate Fourth of July into your week with her help! Attend the local parade all together and ask your nanny to take a few fun family photos. Have her whip up something simple and delicious, such as a strawberry and blueberry patriotic food platter. Ask her to paint your daughters’ nails red, white, and blue. Suggest she explain the history of Independence Day to your kids or host a family discussion where everyone talks about why they think it’s important to be independent.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

We want to know! How do you celebrate Fourth of July with your family? What are some of your favorite red, white and blue traditions? Tell us your favorite Independence Day activities, crafts, and recipes in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor – we’ll be sure to re-post our favorites!