How to Stay Safe This Summer!

I wanted to give a special shout-out to Sarah McAllister, Director of Marketing and Social Media for “Tag UR It! Inc.” When I went to Disneyland with my family a few weeks ago, we were greeted at our hotel with a special gift waiting for me. It turns out that Sarah had delivered two adorable “Tag UR It!” tags to our hotel rooms – a truly glorious, adorable, and useful surprise! This inspired me to send out a friendly reminder about staying safe this summer.

Safety Week

Nannies, this week I challenge you to host Safety Week! For the first day, teach your kids one safety-related tidbit of information they were not yet privy to.  Examples may include having them memorize their mom’s cell phone number, running through a mock-emergency procedure at home, or making a fun craft out of a safety-related activity.

Purchase a Child Safety ID Tag

Secondly, surprise your Mom Boss by purchasing a safety tag. (Check first with one of the parents to see if you can get reimbursed, of course. Or give these as a birthday present to the parents or kids.) These tags are absolutely amazing. They contain a picture of your child, have all of your child’s emergency information neatly printed on them, and they even have the option of sticking to your car seat, diaper bag, or stroller. I’m extremely impressed with the simplistic, clean and effective little tag that could make an enormous difference during an emergency.

Mock Procedure

Have you ever held a mock-emergency procedure in your home? I know, I know, it might sound obvious, or even exhausting. Try not to allow the feelings of judgment you may or may not have creep up and stop you. This procedure will help test your child’s emergency preparedness levels at school, and most importantly, prepare them for what may happen in their own home. Whether it be hosting an earthquake drill, fire drill, or evacuation procedure – pick what resonates with you and make it happen! Remember, safety first!

We want to know! How does your family stay safe? What kinds of safety devices do you recommend other families purchase? What are your favorite safety activities? Post your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor – we’ll be sure to respond to all of your safety questions!