Adorable Mother’s Day Card Ideas!

With Easter behind us and Mother’s Day just a few short weeks away, we decided to get a jumpstart with brainstorming some terrific Mother’s Day card ideas. So dads, nannies, and babysitters, let’s get creative and create a card that Mom will never forget! Mother’s Day this year is on Sunday, May 11, 2014.

For the Creative

Write “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO THE BEST MOM EVER!” or something similar on eight separate posters, one word per poster. Take a picture of your child holding up each poster at the favorite places of your mom/wife/employer. For instance, your child might hold up the “Happy” poster at the beach, “Mother’s” poster at the park, “Day” poster in the backyard etc. Each poster can be decorated or even just written in sharpie on computer paper will do; it’s up to you! The point is you will end up with adorable pictures of your child/children next to the words when you are done. Glue each photo onto a larger poster board for an amazing, thoughtful collage Mom will love!

For the Cook

Does your family love edible tasty treats but can’t find the time to bake this Mother’s Day? Well, you’re in luck! can whip up delicious, hand-crafted, EDIBLE Mother’s Day Cards. Alternatively, check out Edible Tasty Prints to order edible photos to place directly your homemade card!

For the Crafty

Melted crayon hearts are a classic, thoughtful, and simple way to make a fun Mother’s Day craft to include in your Mother’s Day Card. Purchase crayons, chop them up, place the small pieces into a heart-shaped silicone mold, bake for 15 minutes at 250 degrees, and wallah! Glue these colorful hearts onto your card wherever you’d like. Include a fun phrase such as “You color my world!” or “Happy Mother’s Day for crayon out loud!”

We want to know! How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? How do you involve your children in the gift-giving process for Mom? Tell us your favorite Mother’s Day activities, crafts, and traditions in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor – we’ll be sure to re-post our favorites!