Trendy Mommy-Daughter Dates for Mother’s Day

There is truly nothing quite like spending quality time with your child. Here are some suggestions for mommy-daughter bonding around Los Angeles this Mother’s Day. Nannies and babysitters: as a thoughtful treat for your employer this Mo-Day, it might be fun to print out this list or to create your own suggestions! Moms and dads, try looking into these options for some mommy-daughter fun!

Lah-De-Dah at the Spa

Try exploring a new part of your city you’ve never been to before. The idea of being a tourist in your own town might sound silly, but research shows that treating holidays as special days of the year to explore new opportunities is an incredibly fun + effective way to relax and bond with your kids!

Luxe Spa

There is a brand new nail & spa boutique on Miracle Mile in Mid-City. It’s easily one of the largest, cleanest salons in LA and was opened by a mother and daughter who are so kind and passionate! Grand opening specials include $35 mani/pedis & $45 one-hour massages. Plus they serve you coffee, tea, soda, wine, or champagne during your treatment. For free.

Grab a Treat or Something Sweet

This is a special day of the year to celebrate the wonders of motherhood and you deserve a treat! Try stopping by that cupcake or frozen yogurt shop you never go into for a little taste of something yummy with your daughter for an afternoon neither of you will forget. Remember, this is your day to indulge.

Milk Jar Cookies

This place is so adorable and trendy – oh my goodness. Antique plates and gorgeous décor, not to mention out-of-this-world, melt-in-your-mouth cookies. The perfect mother-daughter date location. Plus their to-go boxes are wrapped up exquisitely and make the perfect gift. Right on the same block as Luxe Spa – try hitting them both for the ultimate mommy-daughter date!

Go Greek Yogurt in Beverly Hills

This authentic Greek yogurt is flown in directly from Greece. Enough said! Fresh or frozen, you won’t regret coming by this quaint, trendy shop where you will taste some of the most delicious, healthy fro-yo in all of Los Angeles.

Where the Spa Meets Something Sweet

Another thought is to combine these ideas and bring the fun home – why not try making your own facial mask? This is a great way for you and your daughter to bond, have fun, relax, and feel accomplished as per creating your very own concoction. For you choc-o-holics out there, try these recipes for the TOP 4 CHOCOLATE FACE MASKS. If sweet and simple is your more your style – this recipe is a tried-and-true winner and so easy: Mix equal parts oil and honey. Yup. That’s all you need. Try raw honey for a crystallized effect that resembles a thicker consistency if you have it, otherwise any kind of honey or agave will do. Olive oil or coconut oil both work great, depending on what you have around the house! Optional: add one or two egg yolks to the mask. Mix it all up, lather on your face for 10-12 minutes, and there you have it. Try taking silly pictures together for even more fun bonding!

We want to know! What kinds of mommy-daughter activities do you love best? How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? How do you involve your children in the gift-giving process for Mom? Tell us your favorite Mother’s Day activities, crafts, and traditions in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor – we’ll be sure to re-post our favorites!