3 Ways to Celebrate Love This February

February has arrives and we are in love with this entire month! Why wait for the fourteenth to show those nearest and dearest to you care? Incorporate these fun love-inspired activities throughout the entire month.

Cook dinners at home: Have all members of the family involved in cooking up great recipes all month long. Have one child help with the meal, and another child help with dessert, and be sure to switch up roles during each new cooking endeavor. Have fun with your recipes by trying to incorporate as many red ingredients as possible. See how many heart shaped items you can make over the entire month!

Set up a card-creating buffet: Set out tons of art supplies, paper, crayons, sparkles, stickers, glue, fun pictures, magazines, and scissors. Dedicate some time to making creative cards together. At the end, share your creations with the one another and exchange cards. Be sure to make extra cards for school friends or extended family members.

Create coupon books: Brainstorm different activities to show your love. Create a coupon book that others in the household can cash in on throughout the entire month. You can include everything from; “Help load the dishwasher” to “Say 3 things you like about me.” Personalized coupon books are a simple way to show others you care through every day tasks and acts of kindness!

We want to know! How do you celebrate love in the month of February? Tell us your favorite activities in the comments section below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor #CelebrateLove