Six Steps to Happy Playdating

Do you have a playdate planned for the week ahead with a new family, and are not sure what to expect? Not to worry! Follow our six step guide to happy playdating. Both you and your child are sure to make a lasting positive impression, and receive an invite back!

Plan ahead:  Exchange contact information with the host family or nanny in advance.  Confirm a head count for the number of children you will be bringing to the playdate, arrange a drop off and pick up time, and stick to planned times.

Bring a bag of supplies: Prepare a bag for your child with emergency information, extra clothing, and any other necessary items the child may need such as medications or special food items

Manners matter: Arrive on time to the playdate. If you are running late call the other nanny or parent. Make sure both you and the child use “please” and “thank you” as often as possible. In fact, you really cannot say it enough!

Pitch in: Offer to bring a healthy snack or lunch items. When at the home, offer to help host nanny or parent with meal prep or clean up. Encourage your child to help the host child with clean up at the end of the playdate.

Gossip and play don’t do hand and hand: This one may seem fairly obvious, but in the event that you are asked a question that makes you uncomfortable, never speak of your nanny family, other nannies, or parents in a negative light. Be mindful of what you say. You never know how others will spin your words. Remain a positive ambassador to your family at all times

Be respectful: Of the other family’s rules and also of your child’s space. If something arises that calls for disciplining, do your best to wait until you and your child are in a private place, such as the car ride home to discuss the matter in detail.

How do you prepare yourself and the kids for playdates? Do you have any tips for success? We want to know! Leave you input in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor #PlayDates