Are You A Bully?

Much emphasis has been placed on teaching our children the dangers of bullying other children. But what about us as parents?

  • Do you stand around the water cooler at work and gossip about a co-worker?
  • Do you harshly judge your parent-friends to their faces for decisions they make regarding their own children?
  • Do you seize control of PTA task groups and rule them with an iron fist?
  • Have you ever picked on a fellow parent for dressing their kids in clothes you don’t find up to par?

The examples of instances of bullying in adults are many, but it’s important to remember that our children are always watching! There is no better model of behavior for your children than you. Here are some tips to show your children that you don’t approve of bullies and you’d never be one:

  1. When others in the spectator stand at little league begin chatting about another parent’s business, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and start cheering on the kids.
  2. If you see another parent get openly frustrated with their child, ask what you can do to help diffuse the situation. If they reply with “nothing” let them know you’re there for them and walk away.
  3. Emphasize that having the “right” name brands and clothing isn’t what’s important. Be excited for those new shoes or that new purse, but make sure your kids know the hard work you put into earning the money for those items.