Avoiding The Job Search Burnout

We’ve all been there–you’re searching for a new job and it’s taking a little longer to find than you may have anticipated. You’re bored with staying home scrolling through childcare-finding websites and you’re staring at your phone waiting for the nanny agency to call. What can you do to improve your chances of being hired or add to your resume in the meantime? Here are some helpful tips!

1) Volunteer–find some meaningful volunteer work that holds significance to you. Having it be child related would definitely be a good boost for your resume!

2) Take a class–maybe it’s time to update your CPR/First Aid or maybe you’ve been wanting to get certified in Doula training for a while. Now’s your chance since you have the extra time.

3) Expand your nanny network–reach out to other nannies in the area. Meet up for a coffee date or go play in the park with them and their charges. Meeting other nannies is a good way to put yourself into “word of mouth” job opportunities.

4) Revive your social life–catch up with friends that you may not have been able to spend much time with due to the demanding hours of your job.

5) Relax–chances are, before you began your job search, you were probably working insane hours at your last job. Catch up on sleep, read more books, binge Netflix shows, and learn a new craft. Once you find your job, you may regret not taking a moment to breath.

Whatever you do, make sure that you’re balancing your time searching for a job with actually living your life–your stress may translate to your attitude during interviews with potential families. Most importantly, don’t give up! That perfect-fit job is waiting just around the corner!