Winter Olympics Activities and Crafts

The Winter Olympics Games are here! What a perfect time to teach the kids about other countries through this amazing international sporting event. Check out some of our favorite fun and festive Olympic inspired activities.

Create the Olympic rings: Not only is this an opportunity to discuss shape and colors, this also allows you a chance to discuss what each ring signifies with older kids. Make a traditional set of the five iconic rings or encourage the kids get creative and make a colorful ring collage!

Make a global meal: Go online with the kids and have them help choose their own special food items from different countries. Shop for the ingredients together and have them help make the items they choose.  Enjoy and fun and festive global meal with all the different food items from around the world!

Create your own medals: Head to the craft store and pick up some clay, ribbon and tempera paints. Let the kids shape and create their own unique Olympic medals. Use simple household items such as marker caps or popsicle sticks to make impressions in the clay. Once the clay dries let the kids design their medals with the paint.

Flags fun for everyone: Teach the kids about the different countries’ flags from around the world. Show them examples of the different colors, patterns and shapes used. Lie out construction paper and let the kids create their own custom flags. Discuss with them why they choose each element of their unique creation!

What are some ways that you have taught the kids about the awesome 2014 Sochi Olympic games? Share your ideas in the comments section below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages: @TheNannyDoctor #Sochi14