Lessons From Disney’s Frozen

Surely by now we have all heard about Disney’s latest movie Frozen from our children and charges! The movie’s main message is love but the departure from the traditional love story not only makes this a great movie for the kids, but for all, young and old! Outlined below are some of our favorite life lessons we all can learn from the movie:

Let it go: Elsa lives for years hiding her true identity from all, including her very own sister. Eventually her magic powers are exposed, forcing her to run into seclusion in nature. In taking the journey she finds happiness in her ability to “Let it go” and be her true self, and realizing “the past is in the past.”

Hold on to your dreams: In the movie, Olaf, the snowman, dreams of summer how wonderful it would be to experience it, despite the direct contradictory nature or him being a creature of winter, he holds on to his dream and gets to feel warmth in another capacity. This lesson teaches up to hold on to our dreams no matter what others believe. If there is a will there is a way!

Family First: In the end Anna’s true love for Elsa saves, not the love of a prince, as most traditional love stories end, teaching us that family comes first. What an awesome ending!

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